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La Serva Padrona

by Giovanni Pergolesi

and Service Provider by Christopher Weiss

7:30 pm May 14-16, 2020
2 pm MAy 17, 2020
Civic Center Music Hall

There are many ways to start and end romantic relationships in today’s modern world. Painted Sky Opera investigates two of these ways in these comedic one-acts.

La Serva Padrona brings two unlikely lovers together in this classic example of the old adage that “opposites attract.” Serpina and Uberto seem incompatible when viewed from afar. Serpina is bubbly and clever while Uberto is grumpy and serious, but even worse is that Uberto is also Serpina’s boss. Yet somehow, there is a strange attraction between the two which plays out with hilarious results in this updated version of this classic gem.

Service Provider demonstrates the danger of cell phones to the health of a relationship in this witty satire. Autumn and Beau are on an anniversary date at a restaurant that goes horribly wrong when Autumn can’t stop texting and Beau’s lover unexpectedly shows up.

Presented with chamber ensemble in English.


Artistic Staff:
Stage Director - 
Rob Glaubitz
Music Director - Joe Fitzgerald
Technical Director - Scott Hynes
Costume Designer - TBA
Stage Manager - Lauren Colston