Opera Education: Building the Next Generation

At Painted Sky Opera, we are busily preparing for our next big event: the Black and White Ball on October 19. The Black and White Ball is going to be a fantastically fun night filled with dancing, live music, and performances by some of our singers. It takes place on the 14th floor of the Skirvin Hotel and, if you went to last’s year’s Masquerade Ball, you know that it’s going to be a great time. I’m looking forward to meeting the opera lovers of OKC and enjoying the evening.

But, that’s not why we do it.


Instead, we hold the Black and White Ball to raise money for our mission of bringing opera education and performance to Oklahoma City. Since all of us at Painted Sky Opera are also educators, we think really highly of the first part of that mission.

We do it for students like Bailey whose battle against Huntington’s Disease was brightened by a one-on-one meeting with Dan Scofield, our Rigoletto, after hearing him perform.

We do it for students like the 3rd graders from Wheeler Elementary, whose faces lit up as they heard opera for the first time when Mary and Alexandria performed at their school.

We do it for the 500 4th and 5th graders, who cheered their first operatic experience complete with orchestra, costumes, and world-class singing from our Rigoletto leads this September.

I love opera and so do the rest of the people who work here at Painted Sky Opera. We want to share opera with as many students as we can because we want them to love it as well. We know how transformative opera can be. We love introducing students to opera because we know that exposing students to the power, beauty, and humanity of opera changes their lives for the better.

Please support Painted Sky Opera’s mission of changing lives through professional opera in Oklahoma City and simultaneously have an exciting and fun evening by attending the Black and White Ball.

Tickets can be purchased on our website. Click here for more info!